Islamic State attack on Afghan prison, killing 21, rages on

KABUL: An Islamic State group attack on a prison in eastern Afghanistan holding hundreds of its members raged on Monday after killing at least 21 people in fighting overnight, a local official said.
Another 43 people have been wounded in the attack that began late Sunday when an Islamic State suicide bomber slammed his explosive-laden vehicle into the prison entrance.
More assailants opened fire. Three attackers have been killed so far but the battle continued Monday with sporadic gunfire still coming from the prison grounds, said Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province.
Some of the dead were prisoners, said Khogyani. As well as civilians, prison guards and Afghan security personnel.
The prison assault struck Jalalabad, Nangarhar’s provincial capital some 115 kilometers (70 miles) east of the capital, Kabul.
The Islamic State group’s affiliate in Afghanistan, known as IS in Khorasan province, claimed responsibility for the attack. The affiliate is headquartered in Nangarhar province.
The motive of the attack wasn’t immediately clear. However, some prisoners have escaped during the fighting, said another provincial official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to journalists.
The prison houses about 1,500 inmates, of which several hundred are believed to belong to the Islamic State group affiliate in Afghanistan.
The attack comes a day after the Afghan intelligence agency said a senior Islamic State group commander was killed by Afghan special forces near Jalalabad.
While the Islamic State group has seen its so-called caliphate stretching across Iraq and Syria eliminated after a yearslong campaign, the group has continued fighting in Afghanistan. The extremists also have battled the Taliban in the country, whom the U.S. Overthrew following the 2001 American-led invasion after the Sept. 11 attacks.
The Taliban’s political spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, told The Associated Press that his group was not involved in the Jalalabad attack. The U.S. Struck a peace deal with the Taliban in February. A second, crucial round of negotiations between the Taliban and the political leadership in Kabul has yet to start. Still, Washington and NATO already have begun withdrawing troops in line with the deal.
“We have a cease-fire and are not involved in any of these attacks anywhere in the country,” he said.
The Taliban declared a three-day cease-fire starting Friday for the major Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. The cease-fire expired at 12 a.M. Monday though it wasn’t immediately clear if it would be extended as the U.S. Pushes for an early start to intra-Afghan negotiations that have repeatedly been delayed since Washington signed a peace deal with the Taliban in February.
The Taliban also had denied being involved in a suicide bombing in eastern Logar province late Thursday that killed at least nine people and wounded 40.
Afghanistan has seen a recent spike in violence, with most attacks claimed by the local Islamic State group affiliate. (AGENCIES)

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COVID-19: India’s case tally crosses 18 lakh, recoveries surge to 11.86 lakh

NEW DELHI: India’s COVID-19 tally crossed the 18-lakh mark on Monday, just a day after it went past 17 lakh, with 52,972 cases reported in a day while the number of recoveries surged to over 11.86 lakh, according to the Union Health Ministry data.
The number of COVID-19 tests carried out in India has also crossed the 2 crore-mark, according to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
The total coronavirus cases surged to 18,03,695, while the death toll due to COVID-19 climbed to 38,135 with 771 people succumbing to the disease in a day, the data updated at 8 am showed.
There are 5,79,357 active cases of coronavirus infection in the country at present while the recoveries have increased to 11,86,203.
The COVID-19 recovery rate stands at 65.44 per cent, while the fatality rate is at 2.13 per cent, the data stated.
The total number of confirmed cases also includes foreigners.
This is the fifth consecutive day that COVID-19 cases have increased by more than 50,000 in the country. India’s COVID-19 tally had crossed the 17-lakh mark on Sunday.
According to the ICMR, a cumulative total of 2,02,02,858 samples have been tested up to August 2 with 3,81,027 samples being tested on Sunday. (AGENCIES)

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IMD plans to use AI in weather forecasting

NEW DELHI, Aug 2: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) is planning to use artificial intelligence in weather forecasting, especially for issuing nowcasts, which can help improve 3-6 hours prediction of extreme weather events, its Director General Mrutunjay Mohapatra said on Sunday.
He said the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is not as prevalent as it is in other fields and it is relatively new in the area of weather forecasting.
The IMD has invited research groups who can study how artificial intelligence (AI) be used for improving weather forecasting and the Ministry of Earth Sciences is evaluating their proposals, Mohapatra said.
He said the IMD is also planning to do collaborative studies on this with other institutions.
The IMD uses different tools like radars, satellite imagery, to issue nowcasts, which gives information on extreme weather events occurring in the next 3-6 hours.
The IMD issues forecasts for extreme weather events like thunderstorms, dust storms. Unlike cyclones, predictions of thunderstorms, which also bring lightning, squall and heavy rains, are more difficult as the extreme weather events develop and dissipate in a very short period of time.
Last month, over 160 people died due to lightning alone in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
The IMD wants to better the nowcast predictions through AI and machine learning.
“Artificial intelligence helps in understanding past weather models and this can make decision-making faster,” Mohapatra said.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the US announced new strategies this year to expand the agency’s application of four emerging science and technology focus areas — NOAA Unmanned Systems, artificial intelligence, Omics, and the cloud — to guide transformative advancements in the quality and timeliness of NOAA science, products and services.
Omics is a suite of advanced methods used to analyse material such as DNA, RNA, or proteins.
With regards to AI, it said the overarching goal of the NOAA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy is to utilise AI to advance NOAA’s requirements-driven mission priorities.
The NOAA said through this, it seeks to reduce the cost of data processing, and provide higher quality and more timely scientific products and services for societal benefits. (PTI)

We are going ahead with women’s IPL on time: BCCI President Ganguly

NEW DELHI,  Aug 2: BCCI president Sourav Ganguly on Sunday said the Women’s IPL or the Challenger series, as it is better known, is “very much on”, ending speculation about the parent body not having a plan for Harmanpreet Kaur and her team.

The men’s IPL will be held between September 19 and November 8 or 10 (final date yet to be locked in) in the UAE due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in India. The women’s IPL will also be fit in to the schedule, according to the BCCI chief.

“I can confirm to you that the women’s IPL is very much on and we do have a plan in place for the national team also,” Ganguly told PTI ahead of the IPL Governing Council meeting later on Sunday.

The BCCI president, who is awaiting a Supreme Court verdict on waiver of the cooling off period to continue in the position, did not divulge details but another senior official privy to the development said that women’s Challenger will be held during the last phase of IPL like last year.

“The women’s Challenger series is likely to be held between November 1-10 and there could be a camp before that,” the source said.

The former India captain also said that the centrally contracted women players will have a camp which has been delayed due to the prevailing situation in the country.

“We couldn’t have exposed any of our cricketers — be it male or female to health risk. It would have been dangerous,” Ganguly said.

“The NCA also remained shut because of COVID-19. But we have a plan in place and we will have a camp for women, I can tell you that,” he added.

The BCCI’s cricket operations team is chalking up a schedule where Indian women are likely to have two full fledged white-ball series against South Africa and the West Indies before playing the ODI World Cup in New Zealand.  (PTI)

BCAS مسائل امنیتی دستورالعمل برای هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین و سیستم عامل

دهلی نو Aug 2: حمل و نقل هوایی امنیت تنظیم کننده BCAS صادر کرده است دستورالعمل برای هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین و سیستم عامل است که عمل مانند کاکپیت بر روی زمین به خلبان از راه دور این وسیله نقلیه هوایی بدون سرنشین.
این BCAS ذکر شده است از قوانین است که باید به دنبال سایبری, امنیت, امکانات ذخیره سازی, آموزش و بررسی زمینه های کارکنان برای هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین و سیستم عامل و یا از راه دور سیستم های هواپیما piloted.
از راه دور و با سرنشین هواپیما (RPA) آن ارتباط از راه دور خلبان ایستگاه مورد نیاز خود فرماندهی و کنترل لینک ها و دیگر اجزای تشکیل از راه دور هواپیما piloted سیستم (RPAS).
“اطمینان حاصل شود که دوربین های مدار بسته نصب شده در داخل RPAS و تسهیلات ذخیره سازی. ظرفیت به حفظ و ضبط حداقل 30 روز باید در محل برای همه دسته از RPAs به جز مینی و میکرو” گفت: دستورالعمل اداره هواپیمایی کشوری امنیت (BCAS).
یک RPA یا هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین است که در نانو و یا مینی دسته اگر آن را وزن کمتر از 250 گرم است. اگر وزن آن بین 250 گرم و 2 کیلوگرم آن است که در میکرو طبقه بندی.
“اطمینان از کنترل دسترسی از RPAS و RPA سازی منطقه است. به عنوان RPAS مشابه در هدف و طراحی به یک کابین این قابل درک است که باید آن را نیز امن باشد از دستکاری و یا غیر قانونی مخرب تداخل” دستورالعمل دیده توسط PTI گفت.
به BCAS از راه دور خلبان ایستگاه در RPAS است از “ثابت شده و در معرض” طبیعت به عنوان مخالف به “محدود طبیعت” یک هواپیمای تجاری که در آن نفوذ و استفاده از سلاح های سنگین تر احتمال کمتری دارد.
از این رو بیشتر در نظر باید با توجه به “آسیب پذیری” از محل دور خلبان ایستگاه در برابر غیر قانونی دخالت آن اضافه شده است. “هواپیما (هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین) خود را باید ذخیره شده و آماده برای پرواز در یک شیوه ای است که جلوگیری و تشخیص دستکاری و اطمینان از یکپارچگی اجزای حیاتی” آن اشاره کرد.
ایمنی و امنیت اطلاعات و ارتباطات لینک ها و خدمات هستند به همان اندازه مهم است که کسانی که برای هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین و کنترل از راه دور خلبان ایستگاه به عنوان در هر دستورالعمل گفت.
“بر این اساس آن را باید تضمین است که آنها (لینک ها و خدمات) به طور رایگان از هک کلاهبرداری و دیگر اشکال/تداخل مخرب و یا نرم افزارهای جاسوسی” دستورالعمل گفت.
علاوه بر این هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین اپراتور باید اطمینان حاصل شود که تمام کارکنان خود را در حال ارائه یک روزه حمل و نقل هوایی آگاهی امنیت آموزش آنلاین به عنوان توصیه شده توسط BCAS گفتند.
“بررسی زمینه های از راه دور خلبانان و پرسنل پشتیبانی (بصری ناظر راه اندازی خدمه و بازیابی خدمه) باید انجام شود با توجه روش” دستورالعمل اضافه شده است.
اگر وجود دارد هر گونه رخداد یا حادثه باید آن را گزارش پلیس محلی این BCAS اتاق کنترل و مدیر منطقه ای BCAS بدون هر گونه تاخیر غیر ضروری” به آنها اضافه شده است.
هر RPA و RPAS اپراتور باید ایجاد پیاده سازی و حفظ امنیت برنامه بر اساس دستورالعمل مذکور و باید آن را فرستاده شده به BCAS قبل از عملیات خود را با توجه به دستورالعمل.
اپراتور RPAS باید برای به دست آوردن مربوطه مجوز از دولت های محلی و اداره کل هواپیمایی کشوری (DGCA) قبل از عامل RPAS دستورالعمل گفت.
از ژوئن 8, حمل و نقل هوایی داخلی وزارت آغاز شده است و روند ثبت نام به صورت غیر سازگار هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین که ثبت نام نکرده بودند با DGCA اند و نه اعطا هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین اذعان شماره (DANs).
آن را به مشابه یک بار فرصت برای افشای داوطلبانه از جمله هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین بین ماه های ژانویه 14 و 31 ژانویه ، (PTI)
در مجموع 19,553 غیر سازگار هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین ثبت نام کرده بودند در این دوره است. در ژوئن 5, وزارت صادر کرده است پیش نویس قوانین برای ساخت و استفاده از هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین در این کشور جایی که در آن پیشنهاد کرده است که یک مجاز هواپیماهای بدون سرنشین تولید کننده و یا وارد کننده می تواند به فروش دستگاه های خود را تنها به یک فرد یا نهاد مورد تایید DGCA.
این موضوع را نهایی قوانین پس از آن deliberates در نظرات دریافت شده از تمام ذینفعان در پیش نویس قوانین. (PTI)

ما باید دریافت استفاده می شود به بازی در خالی استادیوم که اتفاق خواهد افتاد: Sindhu

دهلی نو Aug 2: بازی در خالی استادیوم در حال رفتن به هنجار که بلافاصله پس از COVID-19 همه گیر و ورزشکاران باید به آن استفاده می شود در میان ترس طولانی در میان مردم reckons PV Sindhu, هند یکی از بزرگترین ورزشکاران.

جهان ورزش آمد به توقف screeching در ماه مارس به عنوان همه گیر شروع به گسترش در سراسر جهان است.

“مردم خواهد بود ترس به در آمده و به تماشای مسابقات و ما باید با استفاده از به بازی بدون بدون تماشاگر خالی استادیوم. که اتفاق خواهد افتاد” قهرمان shuttler Sindhu گفت: در طول یک وبینار با عنوان ” اجازه پرواز پرنده! در حال حرکت با بدمینتون’, میزبانی سابق هند بین المللی Ameeta Sinh.

“آن را بی خطر است برای همه در این وضعیت و شما باید آماده و آماده برای هر چیزی و همه چیز را” قهرمان جهان و المپیک به مدال نقره اضافه شده است.

همچنین در حال حاضر در وبینار بودند سابق هند بین المللی — Ami Ghia شاه و Madhumita Bisht, هشت-زمان ملی تک آهنگ قهرمان و هند به رقابت در بازی های المپیک در بدمینتون.

امی Ghia شاه است هفت بار ملی, تک آهنگ قهرمان و مانند Bisht نیز خوب انجام شده در سطح بین المللی.

در طول تعامل Sindhu همچنین صحبت در مورد او چگونه مبارزه راه خود را به عقب و واجد شرایط برای المپیک ریو پس از درد و رنج یک شکستگی استرس در سال 2015 به دلیل که او باقی مانده از عمل برای بیش از شش ماه.

“هنگامی که من تا به حال یک شکستگی استرس در 2015 من تا به حال درد و اما کسی نگو. من که تحمل درد و سپس گفت: پدر من بود که درد ما رفت و در زمان X-ray و یک شکستگی استرس نازل شد. این واقعا بد است.

“از آن زمان تقریبا هشت ماه و من بازی نمی کند برای شش ماه. 2016 بازی های المپیک صلاحیت وجود دارد و من تقریبا افسرده. من تقریبا 22 مسابقات پس از آسیب و انتخاب کردم برای ریو. نبود یک آسیب است.

“حتی اگر من زخمی من انجام شده بود من فوقانی بدن ورزش است. من بر این باور است که من می تواند آن را انجام دهد و من آن را انجام داده اند.”

Sindhu بود “عصبانی و غمگین” پس از انتقاد برای به پایان رساندن در بالا در دو قهرمانی جهان فینال و مدال طلا در سال 2019 edition او بود پاسخ به تمام منتقدان که مورد سوال ،

که پیروزی به پایان رسید عذاب آور منتظر گریزان طلا برای ace.

“حفظ سطح بسیار دشوار است سخت تر از رسیدن به یک سطح. من تقریبا از دست داده و هفت فینال و مردم شروع به پرسیدن اگر من نهایی هراس.

“من همیشه می خواستم به نفع خود اما همیشه وجود دارد یک دفعه.. من استفاده می شود به فکر می کنم آن را یک مسابقه جدید من نیاز به بهترین من هر زمان… این یک نوع متفاوت از بازی.

“هر بار که آن را یک استراتژی متفاوت از آنجا که 7-8 بازیکن در مدار و ما می دانیم هر یک از دیگر بازی است.”

خواسته در مورد دست زدن به فشار Ameeta که او نیز یک وزیر در, Uttar Pradesh, دولت, Sindhu گفت: “از آن شده است بسیار متفاوت قبل و بعد از ریو. وجود دارد بسیاری از انتظارات در همه زمان ها. یکی از آخرین سال من شده اند انجام مدیتیشن و این به من کمک کرد پیروزی در مسابقات است که من از دست دادن. (PTI)

بیهار پلیس به دنبال راجپوت را flatmate Pithani شهرستان SP برگ برای بمبئی

PATNA, Aug 2: Bihar پلیس است که به دنبال Sushant Singh راجپوت flatmate Siddharth Pithani به رکورد بیانیه خود در این بازیگر, مرگ, مورد, اما موفق به قرار دادن او تا کنون دولت افسر پلیس گفت: در روز یکشنبه.
Pithani خلاق مدیریت محتوا و flatmate از اواخر بازیگر که مرده در Bandra آپارتمان در بمبئی در ژوئن 14.
بیهار پلیس است که به دنبال Siddharth Pithani به رکورد بیانیه خود را به عنوان او استفاده می شود به ماندن با این بازیگر. تلاش برای تماس با Pithani شده است بیهوده. او جلو آمده و قبل از پلیس…متوجه خدمت خواهد شد و اگر او به نظر نمی رسد بازرس کل Patna منطقه سانجی سینگ گفت PTI.
Pithani تا به حال ادعایی در یک ایمیل به پلیس بمبئی دو روز پیش بود که او تحت فشار بودن توسط Rajput خانواده به رکورد یک بیانیه در مقابل دوست دختر خود را Rhea Chakraborty.
Pithani گفته بود که او به یک رابطه حرفه ای با اواخر بازیگر.
سینگ گفت که IPS افسر Vinay Tiwary که ارسال شده است به عنوان شهر SP (مرکزی) پتنه در حال حاضر سمت چپ برای بمبئی منجر به Special Investigation Team (نشستن) کاوش در این مورد.
بیهار DGP Gupteshwar Pandey بود روز شنبه گفت: در صورت نیاز یک IPS افسر فرستاده خواهد بود به بمبئی برای پیوستن به بررسی است.
Pandey نیز گفت که بیهار پلیس تیم تا به حال موفق به پیدا Rhea Chakraborty, آنها راجپوت را پدر متهم به معاونت در جرم بازیگر خودکشی.
Rajput پدر نیز متهم چاکرابورتی غیر قانونی حبس بازیگر spiriting دور Rs 15 کرور از یکی از حساب های بانکی و داشتن او تحت درمان برای بیماری های روانی و بدون نگه داشتن خانواده اش اطلاع داد.
چهار عضو تیم است که در حال حاضر در بمبئی به پروب بالیوود بازیگران مورد مرگ پس از پدرش K K Singh تسلیم پلیس شکایت در پتنه در جولای 25, بیش از یک ماه پس از مرگ خود را. پلیس بمبئی نیز parallelly کاوش در این مورد.
چند رهبران سیاسی از جمله بحار معاون وزیر Sushil Kumar Modi گفته اند که پلیس بمبئی بود همکاری خود را با پتنا همتایان در تحقیقات.
“Uddhav Thackeray (ماهاراشترا سانتی متر) است که تحت فشار کنگره-بودجه بالیوود مافیا. پس از آن خم بر صرفه جویی در همه عناصر مسئول در مورد” بی جی پی رهبر بود توییتی هندی در روز شنبه و متهم به پلیس بمبئی ایجاد موانع قبل از بیهار پلیس تیم.
بیهار DGP Gupteshwar Pandey در عین حال گفت: پلیس ایالتی تیم در بمبئی تا به حال هنوز رتبهدهی نشده است هر گونه اسناد و مدارک از پلیس شهری.
“به غیر از شاه که ما ثبت نام کرده اند ما هیچ چیز نیست. ما را دریافت نکرده اند استنطاق گزارش postmortem گزارش تصویری, فیلم هایی از ساختمان…..که این تحقیقات به جلو حرکت می کند و حقیقت این است که هم پاشید است که مسئولیت هر دو بمبئی و بیهار ، Sushant مرگ است که یک ماده ساده نیست,” او گفت: تلویزیون اخبار کانال. (PTI)

مقاله قبلیما باید دریافت استفاده می شود به بازی در خالی استادیوم که اتفاق خواهد افتاد: Sindhu
مقاله بعدیشناگران اخم بر ماندن از استخرهای می گویند این تلفات ذهنی

پیشرو روزانه از Jammu and Kashmir , هند

Swimmers fret over staying out of pools, say it’s taking a toll mentally

NEW DELHI, Aug 2:Their resumption of training still on hold due to government guidelines, elite Indian swimmers say the continued restrictions on use of pools will not only affect their performance in the next few years but is also taking a toll on their mental health.

Swimmers in the country have not entered the pools since March 25, when the first coronavirus-forced lockdown was announced. The latest Ministry of Home Affairs’ guidelines on the third phase of easing lockdown restrictions still prohibited the use of swimming pools till August 31.

Srihari Nataraj, who achieved the ‘B’ qualification mark last year in the 100m backstroke event with a national record 54.69sec, said this forced break has pushed back the careers of swimmers by almost a year, the effects of which will be felt in the Tokyo Olympics and the next Asian Games.

“Had we been training, all of us would have made substantial progress. Now it’s going to take us at least 3-4 months to make the same amount of progress, setting us back by almost an entire year,” Nataraj told PTI.

The 19-year-old needs to bring his timing down to 53.85secs to be sure of a Tokyo Olympics spot.

“The things I would have achieved in March, I will achieve in December if I get back to training now. We are wasting a lot of time in our career. It will affect our performance in Tokyo Olympics, 2022 Asian Games,” Nataraj added.

Kushagra Rawat, who has achieved the ‘B’ qualification mark in the three events of 400m, 800m and 1500m freestyle, said the lack of training opportunities was also affecting the Indian swimmers mentally.

“Swimming pools have opened all over the world, so it keeps playing on our mind that they (who have started training) have improved their timings while we haven’t even been in a pool for four months,” Rawat said.

“It is such a discipline that even if you miss out for a day or two, that impacts your performance. When I took a three month break for my 12th board exams it took me three months to get back to the earlier timings.”

The Swimming Federation of India (SFI) has been asking for permission for the Olympic hopefuls to resume training since May, but to no avail.

Dronacharya award-winning coach Nihar Ameen also expressed disappointment at the government’s decision to keep the swimming pools shut for the elite swimmers.

“We keep getting promises that in the next unlock the pools will be opened. Swimming is one of the safest sports and if all the other sports including contact sports and gyms are open then why not swimming?” Ameen asked.

Nataraj, Virdhawal Khade, Sajan Prakash, Rawat, Aryan Makhija and Advait Page are the six swimmers who have achieved the ‘B’ qualification mark in their respective events for the Olympics and are aiming for the ‘A’ standard.

Out of them, Prakash and Makhija have been lucky enough to resume training. While Prakash, who spent the entire lockdown at an academy in Phuket, started training when the pools opened in Thailand, Makhija flew to Alabama, USA, where he is enrolled at Auburn University, in mid July.

However, Nataraj, Rawat and Khade do not have any plans to go outside for training.

“The only option for me is what the federation is planning. Others going abroad are already enrolled in universities. I don’t have that option,” Nataraj said.

“I’m relying on federation as I can’t afford to train abroad. Apart from the cost there are also logistical issues,” Rawat said.

Khade also said he will not travel abroad to train in personal capacity.

Earlier this week, the SFI said it was looking to organise a training camp for its Olympic hopefuls outside the country. (PTI)

UDA pleads Advisor Khan for issuance of UHIS I-cards

UDA co-conveners posing with Advisor Farooq Khan after a meeting in Jammu.
UDA co-conveners posing with Advisor Farooq Khan after a meeting in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 2: A delegation of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) led by its co-convener Vijay Sharma today met Advisor Farooq Khan and pleaded for online issuance of I-cards for Universal Health Insurance Scheme (UHIS).
Sharma who is also the chairman of Team Mask Force and president JK Excise State Taxes Employees Welfare Society and Allied Association, was accompanied by UDA co-conveners Ravi Tikko, president J&K Sports Speed Ball Sports Association and V K Gupta (SE Retired).
He said the scheme covers more than 1.25 crore residents of the J&K Union Territory. “The beneficiaries of the scheme shall be entitled to free health insurance cover of Rs five lakh per family per year on a floater basis and there is no restriction on family size, age or gender. All pre-existing illnesses will be covered and cashless services will also be available in all the empanelled hospitals,” Sharma added.
Sharma requested Advisor Khan that after the go ahead signal from the Chief Secretary, the Identification Card for Universal Health Insurance should be issued online so that people of J&K UT would be able to get the benefit of this scheme without any further delay amid COVID-19 pandemic.
“UDA members have raised this issue in one voice as the same pertains to the interest of Jammuites for which UDA has been constituted with a high think tank of various ideologies,” he added.

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The Leading Daily of Jammu and Kashmir , India

Another Corona casualty in Jammu, several security men among 146 more test +ve

Jammu city roads remain deserted on second day of weekly lockdown on Sunday. — Excelsior/Rakesh
Jammu city roads remain deserted on second day of weekly lockdown on Sunday. — Excelsior/Rakesh

Woman with 3 children, 6 more from Chinore Farm positive
* Highway Engg, 2 staffers of Pvt hospital Rehari too infected
Sanjeev Pargal
JAMMU, Aug 2: Jammu today reported another Corona casualty when an elderly man from Simbal Morh in Miran Sahib area tested positive this evening nearly 24 hours after his death in the Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu while 146 fresh COVID cases were reported in the region including a woman and her three children in Sainik Colony, six more workers from Chinore Farm, two staffers of private hospital at Rehari, six cops from 187 battalion of CRPF Udhampur whose 13 personnel were infected yesterday, Highway engineer, eight construction workers and two Government officials in Ramban, several shopkeepers and security personnel while 123 persons were treated from the virus and discharged from various hospitals.
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A 60-year-old man from Simbal Morh Miran Sahib in RS Pura tehsil of Jammu district was brought dead to the Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu at 8 pm last night with high fever and other symptoms, GMC Medical Superintendent Dr Dara Singh told the Excelsior. The body was kept in mortuary for COVID test and it tested positive this evening.
Dr Singh said the body has been packed as per the protocol and will be sent for cremation tomorrow morning with limited family members allowed to perform last rites.
With this, Jammu region’s Corona casualty figure has gone up to 29 and that of Jammu district to 20. Other Corona deaths have been reported from Rajouri and Doda (two each) and Ramban, Kathua, Udhampur, Samba and Poonch districts (one each).
Sixty five persons today tested positive for the virus in Jammu district.
Four members of a family including a 41-year-old woman, her two daughters aged 17 and 13 and son aged 4 tested positive for the virus in Sainik Colony. The woman happened to be sister of a staffer of car showroom, who had already tested positive. Two staffers including a woman of Nephro Care Rehari tested positive tonight. A 17 years old girl and a two years old child also tested positive in Shastri Nagar.
Six more workers from Chinore Farm in Kanachak today reported positive taking total number of workers who have been infected so far to 29.
Kanachak SHO Inspector Ravi Parihar led police teams have shifted all remaining workers of Chinore Farm, majority of them Biharis, to quarantine centres for isolation.
Other positives of Jammu district include 58-year-old employee of JKPCC, a youth each from Tope Sherkhanian, Karan Bagh and Subash Nagar, 77-year-old man from Nanak Nagar, senior citizen from Sainik Colony, two middle-aged men from Satwari, young girl from Pandoria, 16-year-old girl and 40-year-old woman from Kachi Chawni, young girls from Preet Nagar and Nanak Nagar, old man from Bishnah, 48-year-old from Chatha, 23-year-old youth from Bakshi Nagar, 35-year-old from Kunjwani, elderly man from Karan Nagar, 50-year-old woman from Shastri Nagar, two youths from Muthi and Akhnoor, elderly person from Durga Nagar, 7-year-old from Digiana, teenage girl from Nanak Nagar, 50-year-old woman from Canal Road, 23-year-old youth from Rehari, 34-year-old from Narwal, 24-year-old girl from Bathindi, 82-year-old woman from Miran Sahib and 24-year-old youth from Muthi.
A number of security personnel, mostly from CRPF, also tested Corona positive in Jammu district.
Eighteen persons today tested positive for the virus in Poonch district, SSP Poonch Ramesh Angral said.
He added that six positives hailed from Poonch including six police personnel and one civilian with travel history, five from Mendhar, four of them Army and BSF personnel and one migrant hawker , two from Surankote—one hardware shop owner and his relative, a Bihari migrant worker and couple of travelers.
Thirteen persons including a Highway Engineer and two Government officials from Darchipora and Jawahar Tunnel tested COVID positive in Ramban district. Eight construction workers engaged by private Railways and highway companies also tested positive in the district.
A 30-year-old housewife from village Bhingara and a traveler too reported positive for the virus in Ramban.
In Kathua district, 12 persons were today infected with the Coronavirus including eight workers from different States and some locals who had returned from Lakhanpur and were under administrative quarantine, Deputy Commissioner Kathua OP Bhagat said.
He added that two contacts of positive persons from Ward No. 14 Kathua and two shopkeepers from Bani and Kathua town also tested positive today.
Rajouri district reported 10 new Corona cases today—five from Sunderbani, three from Shahdara Sharief and two from Kalakote, SSP Chandan Kohli said.
They include one CRPF jawan, four workers, a tailor master and rest travelers.
In Samba district, eight persons have tested positive for COVID-19.
Two of the positives belonged to Ghagwal and had travel history of Punjab, another hailed from Glad Camp, who too had returned from Punjab while 38-year-old man from Bainglar with travel history of Mumbai too reported positive. Three civilians hailing from Jatwal, Rara and Trindi Sangra Ramgarh having returned from Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Alwar Rajasthan were the other positives of Samba district, SSP Shakti Pathak said.
After 80 cases yesterday, Udhampur district today reported eight new cases including six jawans of 187 battalion of CRPF whose 13 personnel had reported positive yesterday.
Two police constables including one from Ramnagar also tested positive in Udhampur.
Seven persons were tested positive for COVID-19 in Reasi district today.
One of them was 41-year-old man from Vijaypur Reasi, who happened to be contact of positive case and a youth from Bharakh Pouni who had travel history of Sunderbani. Five other positives were also travelers.
Three persons turned Corona positive in Doda district, two of whom hailed from Thathri and were contacts of positive person while third was a traveler belonging to Ghat.
Two women including a pregnant and another who was contact of positive case tested positive for the virus in Kishtwar town.
A complete shutdown was observed in Jammu, Udhampur, Rajouri and Kathua districts on second day of weekly lockdown today. The lockdown will end at 5 am tomorrow in all four districts.
In Samba district, lockdown was observed in Samba, Ghagwal, Vijaypur and Bari Brahamana tehsils and will remain in force till August 4.
A total of 123 Corona patients were discharged from various COVID hospitals in Jammu region today after testing negative.
They include 32 from Jammu district, 25 Kishtwar, 17 Rajouri, 14 Udhampur, 12 Samba, 10 Ramban, eight Kathua, four Doda and one in Poonch district.
As per the official figures, Jammu has a total of 4795 Corona cases. Of them, 2045 are active cases while 2722 patients have recovered from the virus and were discharged from hospitals. There have been 29 Corona casualties.
In the Union Territory of Ladakh, four more Corona positive cases were reported today, all from Kargil district taking UT’s total to 1466—636 in Leh and 830 in Kargil and active cases to 351—250 in Leh and 101 in Kargil while 1108 patients have recovered from the virus including 382 in Leh and 726 in Kargil. There have been seven Corona casualties in Ladakh.
Of total positive cases in Ladakh, 42 were admitted in COVID hospitals, 130 were in home isolation, 48 in COVID Care Centres and 126 in Facility Isolation.